Summary Minutes
1. Call to Order
2. Salute to the Flag
3. Notice of Compliance with Open Public Meetings Act
4. Roll Call
A. Roll Call
5. Mayor's Comments
6. Approval of Minutes
A. Minutes of Jun 19, 2017 7:30 PM
B. Motion to Accept Executive Session Minutes of June 18, 2017
7. Public Comment
8. State Police Report
9. Engineer's Report
A. DOC-2017-68 : Engineers Report for July 2017Comment
a. June 2017 ENG REPORT
B. DOC-2017-69 : General Sewer UpdateComment
a. Montgomery Report on Sewer Modifications
10. Chief Financial Officer's Report
11. Departmental Reports
A. DOC-2017-70 : Municipal Court Report June 2017Comment
a. 20170712180506038
B. DOC-2017-71 : Tax Collectors Report June 2017Comment
a. 20170712160510787
12. Approval of Vouchers
A. DOC-2017-72 : Bill List Dated 7/17/17Comment
a. July Bill List
13. Committee Reports
Administration & Records -B. Dawson
Buildings & Grounds - J. Hagemann
Finance & Insurance - R. Uhrik
Public Safety & Emergency Services -B. Dawson
Streets & Roads - P. Kartsonis
Water, Sewer & Environmental Protection - R. Ashbaughk
Council Representative to Planning Board - R. Ashbaugh
Council Liaison to Recreation Committee- P.Kartsonis
Council Representative to Board of Health - b.uhrik
Zoning Official's Report - M. Blasch
Grants Committee - P. Kartsonis
14. Special Business
A. DOC-2017-76 : Update from Bill Epps, Recycling CoordinatorComment
B. DOC-2017-75 : Update from Rocky Hill First Aid SquadComment
C. DOC-2017-73 : Approval of Membership to the NJ Firemans Association for Nicholas CarroComment
D. DOC-2017-74 : Approval of Membership to the NJ Firemans Association for Steve ReschComment
E. RESOLUTION-2017-50 : Approval to Submit a Grant Application and Execute a Grant Contract with the New Jersey Department of Transportation for Princeton Avenue Souther Section MA 2017Comment
documentResolution Printout
F. RESOLUTION-2017-51 : 2016 Recycling Tonnage GrantComment
documentResolution Printout
15. Unfinished Business
16. New Business
17. Communications
18. Public Comment
19. Executive Session
1. RESOLUTION-2017-53 : To Retire into Executive Session for the Purpose of Contract Negotiations: South Bound Brook Police; Litigation in the Matter of the Borough of Rocky Hill for a Judgment of Compliance of Its Third Round Housing Element and Fair Share Plan, Docket No. SOM-L-901-15 and Contract Negotiations Van Horne Park Lease AmednmentComment
documentResolution Printout
20. Results of Executive Session (if any)