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25 Washington Road LLC HP Application


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Sep 20, 2018 7:30 PM  Planning Board Regular Meeting
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Oct 18, 2018 7:30 PM  Planning Board Regular Meeting

The applicant, Steven DeRochi, applied for a Historic Preservation Permit for the construction of a new house on Lot 7.02, Block 5, in the R-1 zoning district. Mr. DeRochi had previously testified before the Board at the September 20, 2018 Planning Board meeting and indicated that he would be agreeable to carrying the application for a month to allow him to address the Board’s concerns regarding the design of the dwelling.

Mr. DeRochi testified that he had increased the front setback from Washington Street to approximately 120 feet, which moved the house further down the hill thereby decreasing its visibility from Washington Street. This has also enabled two large trees to be saved. The proposed driveway weaves around those two trees and will also provide major screening from the street. The proposed house will be oriented with the front door facing eastward toward the side lot line. The north side of the house, with the garage door, will face Washington Street. The proposed siding will be shake-styled shingles to maintain a barn-like appearance, and muntins have been added to all of the double-hung windows to create a more traditional appearance. The attic windows on the front (north) elevation have also been centered and grouped to look like an infill of a loft opening for a barn.

Mr. Goldman questioned how visible the house will be from the sidewalk on Washington Street. Mr. DeRochi answered that the since house was moved down the hill, its ground level will be about three feet lower than the curb line, while the existing berm will remain the same height with a retaining wall along the sidewalk, so the house will be mostly hidden. The retaining wall will match the retaining wall existing on the opposite side of Washington Street.

Ms. Goldman remarked that the other new lot adjacent to the property will share a driveway with Mr. DeRochi’s proposed house and asked how that house will be oriented. Mr. DeRochi responded he assumes that it will be a traditional house facing the street.

The general consensus of the Board was that the concept of a barn-like structure that sits obliquely on the property is acceptable, but more details are needed before the plan can be approved. The Board requested the following:

A cross section illustrating the site lines from the street to the house.

Elevation with barn doors.

Revised 3-D rendering

Site plans with ridges on roof.

Impervious coverage calculations.

Ms. Hallman moved to carry the application to the December 20, 2018 meeting without new notice, Ms. Goldman seconded, and motion carried on roll call vote. Any members not present at this meeting or the prior meeting will have to listen to the tapes of the missed meetings in order to vote in December.

RESULT:TABLED [5 TO 0]Next: 12/20/2018 7:30 PM
MOVER:Connie Hallman, Class IV
AYES:Michael Goldman, Irene Battaglia, Mark Blasch, Eric Hintz, Peter Morgan
ABSTAIN:Linda Goldman, Connie Hallman, Frank Yao
ABSENT:Phil Kartsonis, Brian Nolan, Tim Corlis
Dec 20, 2018 7:30 PM  Planning Board Regular Meeting